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Continuous improvement

Thomas Buus Madsen explains why

regularly expanding your learning

content is essential

In order to get the most from your

learning and development strategy, it's

essential that your learning content is

updated and expanded regularly. This

cannot be understated. By continuously

improving your content, you will avoid

outdated information, dwindling

motivation levels and stagnating skill


Your learning content is key to the

implementation of an effective learning

and development programme. So the

tools and information that learning and

development professionals provide staff

with should constantly evolve to meet

changing demands.

Avoid outdated content

In time-poor workplaces, updating

training materials can easily slip down

the priority list, and the inevitable result

of this is outdated information. Training

programmes should be updated

regularly, in order to ensure that the

most current learning tools and

information are always in use.

Training in digital skills, for example,

requires constant updates through the

addition of new information. Just think

about how out-of-date the digital skills a

person learnt two or three years would

be in today's workplaces.

Writing for The Entrepreneur, Rajeeb

Dey said, "Europe is in the midst of the

"Fourth Industrial Revolution" -- a time of

rapid technological, economic and

societal change that has seen the

average "skills shelf life" drop to just five

years." (1)

So, it's crucial that learning and

development professionals establish

continuous learning processes, to make

sure team members can keep up.

Ensure motivation levels remain


If team members are offered a single set

of training content from which to

improve their skills, and that content

never changes, their motivation levels

will start to dwindle as they grow tired of

seeing the same information.

Thomas Buus Madsen

COO and co-founder



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