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Employees feel


When it comes to job training, employees

are feeling underqualified and

unsupported. That's according to the

'Fake It 'Til You Make It' survey report by

Docebo, the artificial intelligence learning

platform. The company surveyed a total

of 2,400 employed adults in the US and

UK to understand how confident and

qualified they feel in their current roles

and how on-the-job training impacts the

decisions they make at work.

Overall, employees across both countries

don't feel qualified for their jobs. One in

three (32 percent) in the US and UK

admit they've felt unqualified for their job,

and another 33 percent fear that a boss

or colleague thinks the same. Workers

also have little faith in their colleagues'

performance with over half (52 percent)

in both countries saying they have a

colleague who isn't qualified for their job.

These fears impact workers' wellbeing,

with one in four (23 percent) fearing they

may be let go from their job at least once

a month because of a lack of skills.

CIPD accredits

unconscious bias elearning

Two e-learning courses from Engage in

Learning covering unconscious bias have

been accredited by the CIPD. The

accreditation confirms the structure

conforms to CPD guidelines.

Chris Horseman, Engage in Learning's

CEO, said: "It's important to recognise -

and compensate for - the influence of

unconscious bias. That's particularly true

in the world of work for executives, as well

as customer-facing staff.

"Unconscious bias happens by our

brains making quick judgments of people

and situations based purely on our

background, experiences, societal

stereotypes and cultural context. We're

often not even aware of these views, nor

are we aware of their full impact and


"Research has found that unconscious

bias can heavily influence recruitment

and selection decisions," he continued.

"Several experiments using CV

shortlisting exercises have highlighted

bias in terms of gender and ethnicity.

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