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The power of reporting

How we're all recognising the importance

of data

By Jove I think they've got it! Sorry that

isn't meant to be patronising. But I think

we all now get that data and analytics

are hugely important to measuring

impact of learning on the business. And

the Fosway Digital Learning Realities

Research confirms it. I've had a sneak

peek at the results so far, shhh don't tell

anyone because the survey is still open

as I write this.

So far, 82% of respondents said that

'Reporting and Analytics' is an important

platform feature to improve their digital

learning approach. This was the second

highest, following 'Learner Engagement'

at 90%. Interestingly, 'Machine learning

and AI' was way down the list at 24%

however 50% considered it a 'nice to

have'. Therefore, the immediate priority

is data reporting and its analysis; then

once data is sorted, we can investigate

the fun stuff like AI (artificial

intelligence). This is absolutely the right

way around, without good data AI has

nothing to work with; or worse, if the

data is wrong then bad

recommendations and poor

personalisation will follow.

One of the reasons for recognising the

importance of data is probably the fact

that 65% said that there is demand from

stakeholders to prove the business

value of digital learning in their

organisation. However, currently only

14% recognise they are measuring the

impact of digital learning effectively,

53% consider it to be ineffective and

33% admit to not measuring impact at

all. On top of this, 67% are still only

measuring 'employee participation

rates' which is of no relevance to the

business except for ticking the

compliance boxes.

So how on earth are we going to follow

the few trail blazers out of the starting


The good news is that the desire is

there; when asked "How do you expect

your demand for digital learning

platforms to change in the future?" 75%

said they would 'use more' analytics

and dashboards.

Fiona Leteney

Senior Analyst

Fosway Group


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