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What it takes to design

great digital content

Do you ever find yourself dreaming about

how nice it would be to win an award? I

thought so!

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm definitely

not suggesting you should be designing

with awards in mind - I can't imagine a

better way to throw yourself off course.

But if you develop great learning content,

that delivers a fabulous experience to

your learners and solves problems for

your stakeholders, then you've given

yourself an amazing chance of

impressing your peers as well.

Let's look at what it means to create

great digital learning content.

Delivering a great service to key


We start with what it means for your key

stakeholders. Above all, your

stakeholders are looking for a solution,

one that satisfies two criteria: firstly, that it

is effective - it does the job; and

secondly, that it is efficient - in doing the

job it makes a sensible use of resources.

Being effective

To be effective it must, first and foremost

address the performance gap - the

difference between what it is that people

are doing now and what they need to be

doing in the future if the overall goal is to

be achieved.

To achieve this, it will need to make an

appropriate use of digital content. In

other words, digital content is the right

tool for the job, whether alone or in

combination with other elements in a


It needs to be clearly targeted at the gap.

In other words, it is not a 'nice to have'

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