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Digital support for G Suite

users boosts process

compliance and delivers big

savings in user


Google Cloud's G Suite is the main

competitor of MS Office and Outlook and

is taking root in large corporations -

particularly in the United States and

increasingly across Europe, too. Google

Suite can be adapted to specific needs,

which is an opportunity for businesses,

but also a challenge for user support.

Together with its long-standing partner

Entelgy, tts has therefore created an

integrated performance support solution

that ticks all the boxes.

Entelgy, the BusinessTech Consultancy,

provides digital transformation solutions

through its Digital division. Alfredo Zurdo,

Head of Digital Change, is also the project

manager for its own digitalization project.

Among other things, Entelgy Digital

specializes in rolling out G Suite in large

corporations. And, in the spirit of leading by

example, the company rolled out the solution

for its own 1,500-strong workforce first.

It all started off with two conflicting goals -

firstly, reaching more than 1,500 workers in six

countries and, secondly, completing the

digital transformation process quickly.

This called for a smart, agile solution that

could meet multiple demands all at once.

Hundreds of processes had to be

reorganized, employees needed to be

advised and trained accordingly, and support

had to be offered during live operation.

The solution - speeding up change with

two strong partners

Following the principle "smart & digital", the

project team led by Zurdo devised a

comprehensive, end-to-end performance

support solution that gives users contextsensitive access to manuals, process

descriptions, and an interface for relevant

sources of information - and all that in the

tried-and-tested two clicks, 10 seconds.

What's more, this modular system is designed

to help staff become "smart users". As a longstanding partner of tts, Entelgy was well aware

that the tt performance suite is in principle the

perfect platform. The question, however, was

whether it would work well with G Suite.

Julie Hübschmann

Marketing Specialist


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