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L&D as digital



Learning and development (L&D) has a task

to integrate itself into the heart of digital

transformation. As businesses and

enterprises of all sizes review their strategies

in the face of the Fourth Industrial revolution,

L&D has to ensure that it is at the vanguard of

both understanding and delivering the

changes that will happen to business models,

markets, and regulation.

It is easy to realise that digital technologies

such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine

learning will impact working lives and

employment. What is much harder to

understand is how those impacts will be felt

and how organisations and workers should

be responding now.

Many sectors and functions are looking for a

guide giving L&D an opportunity to reinforce

itself as the trusted partner to help directors

make sensible choices over how they can

ensure that their businesses are set up to

embrace emerging digital technologies.

Partly this response to digital should be

framed as a positive; away from the headlines

over mass job losses more thoughtful

commentators suggest that fears for

employment are overblown - as they have

tended to be every time a new technology is

invented which threatens the status quo.

AI and robotics summon up images of robots

running the workplace, whereas the reality is

duller, more prosaic and more helpful; a coworker not a replacement worker.

The technology won't cause redundancy but

lacking the approach and the skills to

embrace and exploit the technology will.

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Peter Williams


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