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HT2 Labs wins

Queen' Award for


HT2 Labs says it is 'astonished and

humbled' to win Prestigious Queen's

Award for Enterprise

The company has been recognized in the

distinguished Queen's Awards for

Enterprise: Innovation for its invention

Learning Locker, an open source 'Big

Data' store used by educators and

workplaces around the world to improve

learning outcomes.

HT2 Labs are among 60 organisations

nationwide to have been presented with

the award for innovation, following their

success with the multi-award-winning

Learning Locker®.

The Queen's Award for Enterprise is the

most prestigious award for UK

businesses, recognizing and celebrating

success across the nation - often thought

of as a 'knighthood for business'. The

awards acknowledge outstanding

achievement across four categories:

innovation, international trade,

sustainable development and promoting

opportunity through social mobility.

Learning Locker® is the world's mostwidely installed Learning Record Store

(LRS), a big data store used to store, sort

and share digital learning activity.

Available in both Open Source and

Enterprise editions, the LRS enables

organizations to reconcile learning

experience data from many systems into

one, presenting a seamless source of

analysis to make learning measurable.

Winners are invited to a royal reception at

Buckingham Palace where they will be

presented with a Grant of Appointment

and a commemorative crystal bowl.

HT2 Labs' CEO, Dr Ben Betts and Chairman, Alan Betts


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