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Kallidus has published a series on learner

engagement. Boosting learning

engagement is the holy grail of Learning

& Development. Before you can embark

on a journey of improvement, you need

to understand how your learning is

engaged with at the moment.

In the first part the company looked at

motivation and goal-setting, usability of

learning technology, and the importance

of on-demand learning. The second part

investigated the impact collaborative

learning, user generated content, and

valuing learner input has on your

engagement levels. Part of the assets

also include a learner engagement

strategy template and the top 5 ways to

measure learning engagement. The

company says the programme is a short


UK government

reboots its edtech


The Department for Education (DfE) is

promoting a new education technology

strategy. The strategy, which sets out

Education Secretary Damian Hinds' vision

for the role of technology in education,

encourages technology companies to

help schools use technology to reduce

teacher workload, make training more

accessible and level the playing field for

disadvantaged children, among other

things. The £10m fund will be available to

help develop new technologies and

partnerships that are needed to support

schools when adopting them.

Elliot Gowans, Senior Vice President,

International, at cloud software company

D2L, said: "This strategy is a very

welcome shift in thinking about the

investment in and prioritisation of

technology in the classroom. Modern

learners now expect greater technologyenabled learning options, such as access

to learning materials on their

smartphones and tablets.

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