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The emoji - an

instrument of

influence in

university teaching

Research from the University of

Edinburgh Business School has revealed

that university staff who use emoticons,

such as a smiley, when communicating

with students are perceived as warmer,

more likely to receive a positive

evaluation and will be more influential

with students. On the flipside, students

perceived university staff who used

emoticons as less competent than peers

who didn't use the digital icons.

The study results are reflective of an

increasingly digital and social media

friendly environment that present-day

students are operating in. University

lecturers are now communicating to

highly tech-savvy digital natives to whom

the use of emoticons is second nature.

This research indicates there are clear

educational and communicative benefits

in bringing the emoticons into the

university lecturer's lexicon.

The research was led by Dr Ben Marder,

L&D urged to

combat climate of


Learning and business leaders are urged

to work together to combat the climate of


Towards Maturity Annual Report, the

Transformation Journey - 2019 Annual

Research Report discusses the barriers in

learning and development's

transformation journey.

Now in its 15th year the Towards Maturity

research programme has gathered

longitudinal evidence from stakeholders

in the learning process allowing

participants to understand how decisions

in the past have affected the present and

make informed recommendations for the


The report examines where the L&D

profession is today, identifies the more

prevalent barriers to a successful

learning strategy and is designed to

show how to overcome the barriers to

ensure a successful learning

transformation journey.


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