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In conjunction with Lloyds Banking

Group and partners from the Online

Centres network, the team created a

Universal Credit guide, with printable

resources, to help applicants understand

the online-only application process. The

current application process has been

widely criticised in the media since the

Department for Work and Pensions

(DWP) reported that 46% of all claimants

need assistance to complete the process

and 30% of people who register online

find it difficult.[1] The guide helped to

increase Universal Credit usage by 27%

and is now recommended by the DWP

as a way to raise awareness of the new

government scheme, provide clarity on

the application process and develop

digital skills.


Molly Blackwell

Research Analyst

Towards Maturity

Becoming the Team of the

Year 2018

L&D functions are increasingly under

pressure to prove their value to the wider

organisation, but with 57% of learning

practitioners reporting they feel overwhelmed

and under-equipped, they are struggling to

make a real positive impact on the business.

Drawing on the experiences of Learning

Technologies Team of the Year 2018, Good

Things Foundation, we explore the actions of

an L&D team that has gone above and

beyond; supporting over two million people

to gain digital skills since 2010.[1] In doing so,

we highlight the unique opportunity people

professionals have, to be able to make a real

difference to organisations and general


Good Things Foundation is the UK's leading

digital inclusion charity, that looks to improve

the lives of individuals (most frequently those

who are socially excluded), through digital.

Working with Online Centres around the

country, the learning team is responsible for

developing courses and learning content for

Learn My Way; Good Things Foundation's

free online e-learning website.

Beyond this, the team also:

• supports tutors at online centres to

develop resources

• assists with international delivery of basic

digital skills training

• helps others with the delivery of learning

and provides bespoke content for

specialist digital and social inclusion


Example Project: Universal Credit

The learning and development team at The

Good Things Foundation has done incredible


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