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things within the public sector; developing

the basic digital skills of some of the most

vulnerable in society, to aid them in having a

better standard of life. But their behaviour is

largely uncommon within the industry. To

ensure the team members continue to be set

up for success and meet the needs of their

learners, they are doing 3 key things:

1. Responding to the changing learner

needs and product feedback

Firstly, the Good Things Foundation

embraces insight. Using research and

feedback from its network of Online Centres,

the learning team identifies behaviours that

are essential for learning success and makes

evidence-based decisions in regard to the

learning offering. Currently, only 16% of L&D

functions are using learning analytics to

improve the service they deliver, which rises

to 61% in high performing learning cultures.

Using this knowledge, the team identified the

importance of practice within the learning

process and has altered its learning solutions

in accordance; ensuring courses include

interactive elements that allow learners to

partake in key digital activities (e.g. sending

an email) in the safety of the learning


2. Continuing to develop their own skill


In 2018, 51% of organisations reported that

they provided relevant continuing

professional development (CPD)

opportunities to L&D practitioners. Yet, only

31% of L&D staff think they have the skillset to

develop digital content, only 24% have the

capacity to analyse data and only 46% think

they can develop a learning strategy. L&D

professionals typically prioritise the learning of

their learners over themselves, which is

leaving them with a growing skills gap.[1]

The team at the Good Things Foundation

centralise their own development as a priority

and as such, has been involved in numerous

sessions to further explore and improve their

understanding of their learners and how they

learn. Noticeably, in organisations where L&D

undergo CPD, there are "significant positive

impacts on organisational growth,

productivity and performance", which is a

contributing factor to the success of the team.


Kevin Maye, Learning and Development

Manager says: "It's important that we

challenge our own thinking by keeping

up-to-date with the latest evidence-based

practice across the sector".


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