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Learners are presented with realistic threats

alongside everyday low risk scenarios; using

familiar mobile gaming mechanics, such as

swipe yes/no actions, they are expected to

select the 'right' answer out of two possible

options. Learners are given regular feedback

and encouraged to work their way up

through five levels, collecting rewards - in this

case stars - to rise through the ranks. Again,

this all helps to generate buzz via healthy


Bespoke gaming

Gaming isn't limited to mobile or off-the-shelf

solutions - often a business will face a

specific challenge and, while a game isn't

always the obvious solution, we've found that

learning resonates most where employees

are engaged, inspired, excited even.

At Sponge, we recently partnered with Yum!

Brands - parent company to KFC and Pizza

Hut - to develop an innovative card game

aimed at raising awareness of cybersecurity

issues amongst franchise owners.

The game combines a physical card game

with feature rich, interactive digital elements -

real-time interactive gameplay and quizzes via

an engaging UI, QR codes and Augmented

Reality (AR) 3D models - to deliver a

collaborative multi-player blended learning

experience. The game covers a variety of

threats from physical breaches such as

'dumpster diving' and 'tailgating' to digital

breaches such as phishing and distributed

denial-of-service (DDoS).

To play the game, teams comprising of five

players - three business leaders versus two

hackers - battle it out for a place on the leader

board. The hackers (the attackers) try to 'earn'

reputation and status, while the business

leaders (the defenders) try to deny the attack.

By the end of the game, players have learnt

cybersecurity best practice and know how to

apply the learning in the real world.

Move beyond 'do's and don't's' to drive


As with our 'Sorted' games, 'Cards Against

Hackers' is 'applied learning', where people

learn by taking part in scenarios, via a game

format. We've found that when employees

see the consequences of decisions they

make in real-time, this is far more powerful

and retentive than reading a book of

guidelines or 'dos and don'ts'.


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