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Julie Hübschmann

Marketing Specialist


Greatly reducing the

workload using performance


Julie Hübschmann, Marketing Specialist,

tts, explains how DB Systel is

transforming its help desk into a partner

for knowledge management

In the Deutsche Bahn Group 3,800

employees provide IT support for more

than 100,000 IT application users. Thanks

to tt performance suite, they are now set to

achieve considerably greater efficiency

and user satisfaction.

Is Deutsche Bahn's IT support fit for the


Over 100,000 IT users in the Deutsche Bahn

Group receive support from DB Systel for 600

applications - 80% from the cloud. In the past,

this was done via three channels:

• An IT community,

• A self-service portal with a search function,


• The help desk

Most users prefer to pick up the phone or

send an email, generating 700,000 calls and

100,000 emails every year - and the figures

are rising. The help desk works with complex

instructions. Explanations and manuals are

thorough, often filling pages upon pages with

text. Providing assistance takes time, and only

specially qualified support staff are cut out for

the job. End users, however, are unable to

make use of such documents. This presents

an obstacle to providing the relief the support

staff long for and becomes all the more

evident whenever there's a new release or a

new IT application is launched.

The help desk often has no involvement in

creating the documentation and training

content for new applications, while the

recorded instructions are out of date and

consequently not much use.

A few years ago, the DB Systel help desk

could still expect to handle just one or two

releases each year, but the Deutsche Bahn

Group's agile approach is starting to come

into full swing. In 2018, the Group gradually

began to transfer its IT applications into the

cloud, where software is increasingly being

developed using agile methods.

Development cycles are getting shorter, with

most new features now available after just two

to four weeks.


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