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With a nod to the railway company, Head of

User Services Norbert Herold describes how

these trends affect support operations:

"Nowadays, features need to be provided to

the user while the wheels go on turning."

It was clear that the help desk in its former

state would be unable to meet the

requirements of an increasingly agile

application landscape with short

development cycles and quicker access to

releases. Together with tts, a concept was

devised to make it fit for the digital and agile


Halving help desk calls

DB Systel had set itself an ambitious goal. In

order to reduce costs, the idea was to cut the

help desk's workload in half by offering an

"employee self-service". Rising to this

Herculean challenge was only possible under

two conditions. First, the new solution had to

be more attractive to users than a quick call

to the help desk. Secondly, the DB Systel

experts needed to be able to methodically

document their extensive knowledge so that

users could find it and quickly put it to use.

From a traditional help desk to a

knowledge management partner with tt

performance suite

DB Systel and tts decided to co-devise a

strategy to fulfil these conditions. Thanks to

their efforts, the help desk now steps in much

faster whenever new releases or applications

are launched, preparing end users for any

changes well in advance. Using tt

knowledge force, the authoring tool in tt

performance suite, staff can now do their job

much more quickly. The authoring tool's user

interface is modeled on MS Office and

enables users to create step-by-step guides

and e-learning content in one go, with just a

few clicks.

Once up and running, the context-sensitive

QuickAccess module in tt performance suite

is designed to provide clear answers to users'

specific questions in a matter of seconds - all

geared exactly toward the relevant application

and its function. DB Systel and tts modified

QuickAccess to also contextualize the DB

Systel IT community's content. The partners

are working hard to provide access to all the

stored knowledge via QuickAccess as users'

single point of entry.

DB Systel has yet to finish writing its success

story, but it is already clear how efficient and

flexible performance support can pave the

way toward a digital future - no matter which

line of business you're in.


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