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Award like mine

Following the acquisition of HT2Labs by

Learning Pool read again the remarkable

story of HT2Labs at the 2017 Learning

Technologies Awards

What is your name, role and job title? Dr Ben

Betts, CEO, HT2 Labs

What Awards did you win in the Learning

Technologies Awards 2017?

Most innovative new learning technologies

product - UK

Gold winner: Learning Locker by HT2 Labs

Best learning platform implementation

Gold winner: AstraZeneca with HT2 Labs

Learning technologies company of the

year - UK

Bronze winner: HT2 Labs

Best learning technologies project -

international public & non-profit sector

Silver winner: HT2 Labs, Action Against

Hunger, Nigeria and Humentum

Best use of social and collaborative

learning technologies

Silver winner: AstraZeneca with HT2 Labs

Best use of blended learning - international

Bronze winner: The Brand Ambassador

Programme - Villeroy & Boch with HT2 Labs

Why did you enter?

Central to our business is the concept of

customer success.

Our business model is predicated on

customers paying us license fees, year on

year. And they will only do that if we make

them successful, year on year; if our value

outweighs our cost. Entering into awards with

our customers is a wonderful way to highlight

the value they have brought to their

organisations and makes our business model


What is the story behind this award? [what

was the learning really like?]

HT2 Labs is a place of firsts. We were the first

vendor to put gamification into the very core of

our learning systems. We were the first to

embed social learning right alongside content.

We were the first to embrace xAPI and put out

our software free, Open Source.

Our core capability, therefore, is to take cutting

edge research and ideas, and put them into

practice for our customers. The awards

demonstrate this; each represents a customer

who wanted to be brave and try something


Dr Ben Betts


HT2 Labs

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