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7 Tips to offer employees

actionable learning

The purpose of Learning and

Development is to provide employees

with the opportunity to learn new skills

and develop current skills.

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5 ways to restore the human

touch to digital onboarding

There's no doubt that technology is

changing the way we introduce,

integrate and upskill new employees to

the workplace.

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Why microlearning works - The

science behind the theory

The way we consume media is rapidly

changing, with advances in technology

allowing us to instantly absorb and

interact with small snippets of


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Choosing a mobile-friendly LMS

for successful mobile learning


So, you've decided mobile learning is

the best direction for your

organisation's future Learning &


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Preparing to update your Docebo

LMS theme

In many cases, the learning

management system (LMS) is the

foundation of an organisation's digital

learning strategy.

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Cabin Fire VR Trial starting to

produce results

The second phase of SiyonaTech's

Virtual Reality trial is well under way with

a second visit, on the 10 May to the City

of Oxford College to assess the

programme retention of students.

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