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Learning Pool

Expands into US

market with

acquisition of


Learning Pool has acquired HT2 Labs,

the Oxfordshire-based learning

innovation company best known for its

market-leading Learning Locker and

Curatr products.

The acquisition complements and

strengthens Learning Pool's own portfolio

of innovative technology while further

expanding its domestic and international

operations with offices near Oxford, UK

and Boston, Massachusetts.

HT2 Labs, led by Dr Ben Betts, is the

third business to join the Learning Pool

Group in the last three years following the

acquisitions of Mind Click in Nottingham

and MediaCorp in Glasgow.

HT2 Labs is seen as a pioneer in learning

technologies with a reputation for

creating leading edge learning solutions

that use modern technology to deliver

innovative business outcomes.

Globally, HT2 Labs has more than twelve

thousand installations of Learning Locker,

making it the world's most-installed

Learning Record Store (LRS). The

company also recently won The Queen's

Award for Enterprise: Innovation.

Paul McElvaney Learning Pool's CEO

said: "We're delighted to welcome the

HT2 Labs team to Learning Pool. We've

been collaborating with HT2 Labs for a

number of years and we are excited that

they are now becoming a core part of our

business, working even more closely with

a team who share our passion for

innovation; creating positive business

impact and driving customer service.

"Learning Pool is driven by innovation,

and our acquisitions over the last three

years have all had a single focus - to

expand our presence and support our

ambition to be the most innovative

company in our sector, not just in the UK,

but globally. We continue to invest

heavily in the development and delivery

of world-class learning technologies and

content for our growing, diverse network

of customers. The acquisition of HT2

Labs further cements our leadership

position in our sector and positions us

strongly for the future."


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