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learning in 2070

Brain-to-brain learning could be a reality

by 2070. Based on interviews with

leading experts across the field of

science, technology, engineering and

mathematics, a report by the Open

University Future of Learning 2070:

Imagine What's Next predicts the state

of learning in 50 years' time.

The findings, released to mark The Open

University's 50th anniversary, reveal

opportunities for enhancing education,

making it more flexible, more accessible

and ultimately helping to widen access

for everyone.

Mary Kellett, Vice-Chancellor of The

Open University said: "Technology

continues to revolutionise the way we

learn, from anticipating the needs of

learners through AI, to technology

platforms that open up learning to

everyone. At The Open University we

have always been at the forefront of

innovation, with some of the future's

brightest minds leading the way.

'Slanglish' - the

main culprit for

students failing

English GCSE

An online tutoring agency has revealed

that the use of 'Slanglish' is now the

number one reason why students are

failing their English Language GCSE. The

site surveyed more than 2,000 tutors and

discovered that students using slang

terminology in exams is the most

commonly cited reason for students

failing the subject, a 282% increase

compared to data from 2015.

Students in the UK are failing their

English Language GCSE because they're

using slang terminology in exams,

according to the UK's leading online

tutoring agency. surveyed 2,103 of its

tutors and found that the number of

tutors citing 'Slanglish' as the main

reason students are failing the subject

has increased by 282% since 2015.

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