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Our VR solution highlights the risks and offers

guidance on how to reduce attacks to stay

safe in an innovative way. Learners get to

experience a number of different everyday

scenarios involving dogs and are encouraged

to make decisions about how to behave in

real-life situations, with the advantage of doing

so from a safe environment.

The story plays out like this; employees are

placed in the role of an experienced postal

worker supporting a new colleague on her

first delivery round. Users must spot dogrelated hazards and make decisions about

how to keep their colleague and themselves

safe. During the experience, we reinforce our

key messages on dog safety. Using the

acronym AVOID, postal workers are taught to

'A' avoid, 'V' value yourself, 'O' observe, 'I'

inform and 'D' defend.

This whole new approach to learning means

our postal workers are given the opportunity

to experience the realism of a dog attack

without the danger and free from harm. VR

allows Royal Mail employees to explore a

realistic situation and make mistakes in a safe

environment. Training is delivered via a VR

headset or as an interactive 360° video

accessed on a PC or laptop without a

headset. Experiential in nature, the

technology aids observational and decisionmaking skills and, above all, it's enjoyable.

And we know that enjoyment is a key factor

in ensuring that training delivers the desired

results and meets business objectives.

We're currently piloting the VR dog training in

a small number of sites and plan to roll the

project out to the rest of the UK in the coming

months. Once delivered nationally, we expect

this creative and engaging experience to

raise awareness about dog safety and

reduce the number of attacks. VR suited this

particular challenge perfectly, but its

application is by no means limited to this

issue or training requirement. Because users

make choices in a realistic environment, VR

really helps bring a variety of topics to life to

achieve specific learning goals.

Like us, Sponge recognises the value of

delivering creative learning to meet serious

business objectives. They helped us to apply

VR as a powerful tool for learning. Today

we're proud to lead the way in using the

latest and most innovative technology to

deliver training to our employees.

You can find out more about our initiative in

The Guardian and The Sunday Times.


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