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Julie Hübschmann

Marketing Specialist


Harmonising competence

and cost

Increasing agility for end users and

helpdesk with performance support

How do companies balance user

competence and cost effectiveness for

training and support? Continental AG has

to deal with complexities such as 230,000

employees, 554 locations in 61 countries,

seven corporate languages and ever more

IT applications becoming "agile". It found

an all-in-one solution to such challenges

with tt performance suite.

Utilizing IT applications to their full


When it comes to managing the constant

change of business processes and

applications, large corporations tend to be

highly dependent on business-critical

know-how which is held by subject matter

experts (SMEs). Often this know-how is

neither documented nor maintained in a

systematic way and often enough hardly

accessible by the frontline user. As a result,

costly IT applications remain

underleveraged, user adoption is low,

support and training costs quickly get out

of control.

Continental AG has been using the

documentation and authoring component

of tt performance suite - the tt knowledge

force - since 2007 in the automotive

division, initially for an SAP implementation

project. After 2014, tt knowledge force has

become the standard tool by now

delivering content to over 50,000

employees worldwide.

Support in the moment of need

Jens Bertram is Global Team Lead SAP IT

MM/QM in the Tire division at Continental

and Application Owner for tt knowledge


Based on how well tt knowledge force

worked for supporting SAP applications,

Bertram wondered how he could use it for

other IT applications and make it

accessible to a larger number of users. He

initiated a smart internal marketing

campaign with banners, info points and

short links to the internal social network.

"Usually I do not advertise IT projects ",

says Bertram. Anyway, ignoring this 'rule'

paid off - he acquired a whole network of

key users with his approach.

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