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Jump aboard for the

data journey

Fiona Leteney explores the IT that HR will

be investing in

In my last column (September Issue10) I

wrote about digital transformation and

measuring impact. Continuing on the data

theme in this issue I'll widen it to more general

analytics and the world's highest trending

topic, artificial intelligence (AI).

HR research just released by the Fosway

Group shows:

• Investment is increasing in all areas of HR

IT; topping the consistent areas for

investments list, is analytics. 68% of

respondents expect investment to

increase in this area in the coming year.

• Analytics and L&D are fourth and fifth

(48% & 47%) on HR's list of systems that

will change in the next two years.

• 45% think that AI and robotic process

automation (RPA) will become significant

in under two years.

So, are the respondents being caught up in

the hype or is this a reality?

Recently, as part of my Fosway research role,

I have had many learning systems (LS)

briefings from both long-standing and new

vendors in the learning technology industry.

Every organisation is talking about AI, they

either have it or it is on their platform road

map. The level to which this is happening

varies, but what is guaranteed is that this will

be a journey for every LS vendor.

Personalisation is a key driver and the starting

point is 'recommendations' with most

suppliers referencing an Amazon or Netflix

style experience. For many years, mandatory

courses have been assigned because of the

learner's job role or using other business

rules; these characteristics are also now being

used for recommendations.

Some systems allow peers to recommend

learning or to publish collections like playlists

of learning. Up and coming are the features

that use machine learning algorithms, a

subset of AI.

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Fiona Leteney

Senior Analyst

Fosway Group


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