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Remodelling occupations

Good news is hard to find about the

future of work - but it's certainly there

According to a report into the future of skills

employment in 2030 (a collaboration

between Nesta, Pearson and Oxford Martin

Business School) 70% of people are

currently in jobs that have an uncertain

future. This might sound unsettling, but it

doesn't mean these jobs will necessarily

disappear. Roles could adapt to future

demand through occupation redesign and

training, and new jobs will be created (e.g.

immersive experience designer), which are

already being minted as we speak. In fact,

the report predicts that, overall, the US and

UK workforces will continue to grow through


However, there is an in-built problem for all

commentators who attempt to take anything

but the gloomiest view of future-of-work

themes, a problem that tends to make any

media coverage tip towards bleak and

depressing. While it is relatively easy to

pinpoint those jobs that are ripe for

automation - and to provide lists that terrify

parents, teachers and recent entrants to the

workforce who might have spent years

gaining professional qualifications now about

to become obsolete - it is much harder to be

at all certain about the future.

There will undoubtedly be new jobs created

by the tide of automation about to sweep

through the workforce - we just don't know

what they will be yet.

AI is becoming increasingly advanced, and

far more visible in the public realm as

practical applications such as chatbots and

self-driving cars enter mainstream


Most of us are now familiar with the concept

of machine learning: computer programmes

that have a degree of autonomy in how they

go about solving particular problems. With

continued development in AI and digital

technology, 12 years from now the majority

of professional roles are set to be quite

different from what we see today.

John Helmer

Head of Marketing

Lumesse Learning


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