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Half of UK

workforce are in the

wrong job

CIPD research has highlighted the need

to improve people management and

development opportunities to boost

engagement and productivity

Almost half (49%) of UK workers are in

jobs they are either under- or over-skilled

for, according to new research from the

CIPD, the professional body for HR and

people development.

The CIPD's report 'Over-skilled and

underused: Investigating the untapped

potential of UK skills' surveyed 3,700 UK

employees. It found that more than a

third (37%) of workers have the skills to

cope with more demanding duties than

they currently have. At the opposite end

of the scale, one in ten (12%) employees

said they lacked all the skills needed to

carry out their job effectively. This means

that as many as half (49%) of UK workers

could be in the wrong job, based on their

skill level.

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Almost 50% of

India's IT

professionals quit

before completing a


A learner behaviour study by e-learning

company Edureka claims that more than

50% of e-learners drop out before

completing the course. The report goes

on to show that although upskilling has

gained importance due to the decreasing

lifespan of technical skills, low course

completion rates continue to plague the

e-learning industry.

The survey conducted by Edureka was

aimed at understanding the modern

Indian IT professional's relationship with

learning on the job and their behaviour

when it comes to learning. The online

survey was conducted among 339 Indian

IT professionals who were interested in

online courses.

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