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Using your Levy smartly -

with a digital touch

Love it or loath it, the employer Levy is

here, and here to stay. Some will ignore it

and some will be well informed and

already have a plan to use it.

We believe that there is a way you can utilise

this pot, as well as other streams of funding, to

give a great online learning opportunity and

experience for your staff and make the most of

your newly enforced budget!

As you may or may not know, if your wage bill

is over £3 million each year, you must pay the

Apprenticeship Levy. 0.5% of your wage bill

will go into the government's new

apprenticeship service to fund apprenticeships

for your business. Many organisations are

finding that their costs to offer apprenticeships

are mounting due to the time taken to get their

head around the new procedure, along with

attempting to create a sound execution plan.

On top of that, the minimum of 20% 'off-thejob' training is making it difficult to convince the

powers that be to utilise the funding, as they

struggle to see the positives of apprenticeship

training vrs the need to keep staff in work.

So how can you utilise this to its best effect to

ensure your staff see apprenticeships as a

great programme which has a positive impact

on their role? Along with ensuring whatever

programmes you choose fit in with your

learning and development strategy, so you

aren't aimlessly using the levy just because

you feel you have to.

Identifying the appropriate pool

of Staff

Look across the business at your current

workforce first, before looking at any potential

new recruits. Who could benefit from a training

programme or needs one to aid their

progression or knowledge? Even departments

such as Accounting, normally a paid for

course - look at the apprenticeship and use

your digital pot to fund it.

There are a range of apprenticeships which

utilise online learning for knowledge elements

of the course - a fantastic way of giving great

engaging learning, whilst tracking your

employees progress.

Pick a provider with a difference

Don't just go with a name or a location. Pick an

organisation that you believe will stick with your

vision and values, to give your employees an

experience they will enjoy. A bad experience

could tarnish the reputation of this form of

training and create push back within the

company. This is a long-term strategy, so a

pilot before you have a full-blown launch is


James Earl

Commercial Director

The Skills Network


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