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Generation Z: The

future of work is driven

by passion

Generation Z are those who were born

after 1995 and, like any other

generation, have very peculiar

motivations and expectations in terms

of career paths.

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GDPR: Get ready

In this new vlog, Learning

Consultant 'Seffy' Sefton-Smith takes a

look at the incoming GDPR legislation

which will change the way all

organisations use personal learner and

customer data. An expert on designing

award-winning learning solutions, Seffy

looks at how the new regulations will

affect the nuts-and-bolts of digital

learning design:

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Re-invent the


'Re-inventing the intervention' involves

focusing on your objective and your

audiences, and then taking a fresh

look at all the communication and

training tools you have at your


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Who would use

an Extended

Enterprise LMS?

In this post, I would like to address

what type of client would take

advantage of Extended Enterprise and

in our experience how these types of

clients have applied Absorb LMS to

deliver their external training.

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