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Priya Bhandari

Commercial Director


Microlearning delivers

results for Rappi

Summoned via smartphone, Rappi's

army of couriers deliver meals, groceries

and clothing, and run errands that

include paying bills and walking dogs.

Felipe Rojas explains how mcrolearning

hits the spot for the millennial workforce.

Interview by Priya Bhandari.

Tell us a little about the company.

Rappi is an on-demand delivery company

with operations in Colombia, Mexico, Brazil

and Argentina. Our customers are busy

people who value their time and don't want to

get stuck in traffic when buying groceries or

collecting their favourite pastries. Our delivery

staff are looking for flexible work where they

can choose their own schedules. Our tech

platform connects these two groups of

people. We're delighted to have raised $130m

in our latest round of funding! Our investors

include well known firms like Andreessen

Horowitz and Sequoia Capital.

What's your role?

I'm Content Manager for the Operations

division, based in Bogota, Columbia, working

closely with the rest of the training team. I

focus on ongoing learning, and I'm

responsible for ensuring that our employees

get the information and knowledge they need

to succeed in their jobs.

What are the business challenges you're


Due to the heavy traffic in our cities, we allow

our employees to work remotely and this

made it challenging to provide them with the

knowledge they needed. EduMe fits perfectly

with our way of working and allows everyone

to access the information, no matter where

they are. The microlearning platform is a very

useful tool to improve our customer service


How's that going?

Very well! When we started, I didn't know how

to catch the attention of our employees

because they're mainly between 18 and 24

years old. You know what people say about

millennials and short attention spans!

So, I created a character called 'Felipe de

Rappi' who represents one of our Customer

Service Specialists. His task is to teach

everyone the right way of doing their work, he

has a friendly attitude, wears cool clothes, and

has a young voice. Our employees can easily

relate to him, and they see him as one of




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