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Trina Rimmer

Community Manager


Tips to improve your

approach to mobile (in

under 10 minutes)

Desktop-only e-learning is a thing of the

past. Today's learners use whichever

device is available, whether it's a laptop,

tablet or smartphone. If you want to get

your training to the people who need it,

make sure it works on any device.

At this point, you may be nodding along. Yes!

But how do I do that? Moving from

understanding the benefits of multi-device elearning, to successfully building and

deploying courses, takes some thought and

deft execution. In this article, I'll share some indepth tips to get you started and ensure a

smooth transition to multi-device e-learning.

Before you begin

It's tempting to forego any planning and dive

right into building courses. But before you

take the plunge, and to help ensure you'll be

successful, it's important to understand the

impact of these changes. Here are some

questions to consider:

• How will your design and development

workflow change?

• How will you make sure your courses are

easy to use?

• What resources will people need to access

training materials on their mobiles?

• Are there other internal teams whose

support you need to make your efforts

successful? If so, how can you get it?

• Are your learners prepared for multi-device


• Is your organisation prepared?

Determine your approach

There are two widely used avenues: webbased and slide-based. Let's take a closer

look at each one, and how to decide which is

best-suited for your project.

Web-based e-learning

This is relatively new and quickly gaining in

popularity. This type of course looks and

behaves like a website instead of a series of




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