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Strategic Consulting Lead

LEO Learning, North America office

Learning ecosystems Q&A:

your definitive guide

This is part 4 of LEO Learning's article on

learning ecosystems - a comprehensive

'everything you ever wanted to know but

were afraid to ask' series. Links to the

Parts 1-3 at the end of this article.

Over the last four months of this authorship

journey, I've consulted many people across

the industry. This final article was supposed to

go even deeper into learning ecosystems and

be more about the technology, its uses and

how to develop a learning ecosystem. But

what these conversations threw into sharp

relief was:

We don't have a standard definition and

we're not all talking the same language on

learning ecosystems yet.

I started writing down the questions that my

colleagues asked. Themes emerged. This

article began to take a new shape. Thanks to

the contributions of over 20 people, this is a

Q&A session that seeks to align us across the

industry with a standard definition, mental

model, and common language.

The questions came from people like you

and me: L&D professionals of varying ages,

levels of experience, tactical focus,

technology expertise, instructional systems

design expertise, and the like.

The answers came from conversations with

people I perceive as experts: the solutions

architects in our industry, platform experts,

L&D technology leaders, and experts on

open technology and learning standards

including the inventors of SCORM and xAPI. I

put your questions to them, got all manner of

answers, then synthesised what I hope are

clear, crisp responses we can all use moving


QUESTION: What is it? 'Learning

ecosystem' means different things to different

people and organisations. Can we start with

answering the most basic question?

ANSWER: A learning ecosystem is the

collection of people, processes, and tools that

deliver, integrate, and support the L&D

function across your organisation. While you

must consider how all of these elements work

together (always keeping an eye on all three)

the tools and technology elements seem to

be where most people falter.



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