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Webinar: How 'Business

Intelligence' reporting from your

LMS can transform your L&D


Why use BI? Because every choice

should be informed and every action

measurable. Each business comes

with its own set of unique challenges

and reporting needs.

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Community discussions

Designing L&D evaluation

Having recently joined a council/local

government L&D team, Enrico

Romagnoli has learned that a

apprentice administrator has been

assigned to design the evaluation of

training. Usually, this has been the

responsibility of the training manager

to design evaluation processes. What

advice can you give Enrico on how to

approach this his manager?

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Microsoft Office e-Learning

SCORM Modules

Loretta Rose is looking to purchase an

off-the-shelf Microsoft e-Learning

SCORM module for use by

approximately 2000 users. Specifically

Word, Excel and Powerpoint. If you

have any experience in this area or

recommendations for a supplier, make

sure to let Loretta know.

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Webinar: How to build a business

case to evolve your learning


In this webinar, we will look at what a

learning ecosystem truly is and some

of the best business cases that lead to

real, positive change.

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