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21 Should employees be in charge

of their own training?

We're living in a world where a great

deal of inexpensive or free training is

available on the internet. More than

that, if we look at sites such as Khan

Academy, we'd better realize we are

just seeing the early days of this trend.

There will be much more, and much

better, free training in the future.

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The impact of integrating an AI

virtual assistant into your

organisation's workflow

Introducing a Virtual Assistant (VA)

powered by AI directly into the

workflow can make a huge impact on

your organisation. With a VA at their

side, always on, always available,

employees can be supported to

increase efficiency and productivity

while improving their performance and

job satisfaction.

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Three ways AI can boost

engagement in digital learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) has never

been bigger news. From the drama of

Westworld on our TV screens (spoiler

alert - the robots don't like us much) to

the front pages of our newspapers, AI

is demonised and championed alike. Is

Alexa cackling away as she plots how

to overthrow her human overlords? Will

the robots take our jobs? Or maybe,

just maybe, could they help us?

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How to help your managers

embark on their learning journey

What's stopping managers from

learning? When Towards Maturity

asked this question, 61% of managers

said the main reason was that they

lacked the time for self-study1. The

survey also found that leaders and

managers are already using a wide

range of learning methods and are

open to experiencing a wide variety of

learning opportunities.

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