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Making the case for content


Find out why content curation is such a

valuable ingredient in a strategy for

workplace learning, in this, the first of a

two-part series.

Curation has always existed as a minor

element in the role of the learning

professional. At the end of a course, when the

instructor handed out a reading list, web links

or information about further courses, they

were acting as curator. Just like in a museum,

when the curator selects from the wide range

of exhibits in the museum's collection and

organises these to make a fulfilling experience

for visitors. The curator saves others from

having to hunt down the most useful and

relevant resources for themselves.

Time was, people picked a career and stuck

with it for life. It was worth making the

investment in learning everything there was to

know about your chosen occupation because

this would set you up for good. How different

our working lives are now. Most of us will

make many career changes. At the same

time, the amount of important information

available to us in each new job, is rising at an

exponential rate and changing constantly. It's

no longer desirable nor feasible to know

everything there is to know. There simply isn't

the time.

Source and share

In the modern workplace, most learning now

occurs not via formal courses but from ongoing access to a myriad of resources. Some

of these resources will be people that can be

contacted when the need arises to take

advantage of their expertise. More commonly,

resources will be in the form of digital content,

available in enormous quantities, 24 hours a


The problem for employees looking to keep

up to date with the latest developments, is that

the process of sorting out which content is

genuinely useful (and which isn't) can be

overwhelming, particularly for those new to

the job. This is where the learning professional

can play a really valuable role - finding the

most relevant content for a particular target

population and sharing this in an easily

digestible format. Clive Shepherd

Founding Partner

Skills Journey



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