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Immerse your

employees in learning

When we talk about learning and training

employees in today's modern workplace, we

often think only of the most convenient and

cost-effective digital methods, like standard

training videos or PowerPoint presentations.

The problem with this type of learning is that it

can be difficult to fully gain the employee's

attention when they are alone in front of a

screen listening or watching unexciting


With the new risk-taking generations

embarking on their journey into the

workplace, companies need to look for

innovative ways to satisfy their creative

hunger. How can you encourage this new

generation? How can we motivate our new

hires in the right direction? Innovations in

training, such as microlearning and blended

learning, come in waves.

Companies are always hot to get on top of the

training trends and trial them all out, but not all

formats are useful. Learning leaders must

understand how to play the right form at the

right time to please this new generation and

motivate them in the right direction.

Not just a physical space

Immersive learning involves individuals being

placed in a physical or virtual environment,

which allows them to experience a realistic

work scenario without impacting on the live

business processes. Before technology, this

might have involved activities such as storytelling and role-playing with colleagues and

physical team-building exercises, which help

to stimulate the brain and thus help the

learning process.

Now, in an age where technology embraces

every corner of the workspace, the immersive

learning environment can encompass a virtual

space rather than a physical one. Virtual and

Augmented Reality technologies lead to all

kinds of possibilities in training and


Geoffroy de Lestrange

Senior Product Marketing

Manager EMEA

Cornerstone OnDemand



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