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Sam Franklin

Marketing Executive

Saffron Interactive

Why a learning chatbot

might soon be your

closest colleague

This is Part One of a two-part article

about the increasing relevance of

learning chatbots and their use in

facilitating organisational change.

We're all painfully aware that artificial

intelligence is poised to revolutionise the

world of work. Learning and performance,

HR, IT… every department is set for a

machine-led overhaul. As the pace of change

continues to speed up, adapt to survive

becomes no longer just a biological

imperative, but a technological one.

No business will be able to remain

competitive without the power of machine

learning and all the insights it can generate

from the huge amounts of data we're

accumulating. One survey of over 350 AI

experts 'When Will AI Exceed Human

Performance?' predicts that AI could write a

bestselling novel by 2049 (and who knows,

maybe I might even have finished the first

chapter of mine by then).

What will the outcome be for humanity? And

how does business need to respond? In a

world where conditions change quickly but

humans don't, learning chatbots could be at

the forefront of these transformations. But not

in the way you might think.

AI's ever-evolving capabilities will see it shift

from fulfilling esoteric use-cases and behindthe-scenes content curation, towards

something more recognisably adaptable,

more recognisably creative - more

recognisably human.

Picking up chatter

But before we get ahead of ourselves, we

should probably consider the definition of a

chatbot. Broadly speaking, it is a service

powered by rules, code and often a sprinkling

of AI that enables interaction through a chat

interface. These interactions can serve a

variety of purposes, whether transactional,

entertainment or informative.



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