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Learning Technologies

Consultant, Saffron Interactive

Don't behave like a tool

- start using one

Forty percent of your staff could be

thinking of leaving; if they're not getting

the right training, that is. If you're not

developing your team properly, they're

twelve times more likely to leave. And if

they leave, good luck replacing them, as

the chance to learn new skills and grow

professionally is the #1 driver for talent

to join an organisation (HR Realities

HR Realities

HR Realities

HR Realities,

Fosway Group 2017-18).

That 40% is a frightening statistic. Yet it's easy

for those of us in the learning and

development community to become

complacent and think it couldn't possibly

apply to our organisation, given how much of

our time is taken up by delivering training.

However, according to employment lawyer,

Philip Landau in Work, on-the-job training

and you two out of every five employers have

provided no training at all within the last twelve

months, and for the three out of the five that

have, plenty of it isn't hitting the mark.

This deficiency in learning provision not only

reduces productivity and efficiency, it

disengages employees, leaving them feeling

both stranded and uninspired. In the worst

cases, they can become a drain on others'

time by requiring frequent guidance, or just

stop trying to develop entirely.

How can we, as learning professionals,

remedy this disengagement stemming from

insufficient or inadequate opportunities? The

truth is that for learning to be truly effective,

you can't just put your learners through a

formal training session and release them into

the workplace, only to be dragged back in six


To ensure our continued relevance, we need

to rethink the way we use learning

technologies. We must move away from

delivering one-stop training, towards

providing something more valuable to

people's working lives. We must understand

that learning is a continuous process and that

the digital tools we use, need to support it.


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