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1 Leaders and managers love video

75% of senior executives watch work-related

videos on business-related websites every


2 Video improves efficiency

80% of the most efficient organisations use

video to capture and share effective practices

within their organisations.

3 Video helps learning stick

88% agree that using video in education helps

boost students' achievements.

4 Micro learning rules!

Brevity wins: videos should ideally be less

than six minutes long, according to the largest

study of video engagement to date, analysing

6.9m video watching sessions across four


5 Video is social

54% of senior executives share work related

videos with colleagues every week, and

receive them as often. Younger workers are

more likely to share work related videos on a

daily basis.

6 Video improves the learning experience

93% believe using video has a positive impact

on student satisfaction.

7 Video enhances text

59% of senior executives prefer to watch the

video If both text and video are available on

the same topic on the same page.

8 An authentic 'talking heads' style

engages learners

According to MIT research, a human face

creates a more intimate and personal


9 Video can be accessed on multiple


90% of people switch devices to achieve tasks

in our multi-screen world; 43% switch devices

specifically while watching video.

10 Video meets learners' needs

91% of people say they want to learn at their

own pace: video gives them the flexibility to

learn 'anytime, anyplace, anywhere'.

Please email with

'10 reasons' in the subject line for a handy

infographic that contains these and other

great stats; a list of our research sources; and

a handout of tips and tactics suggested by

Laura Overton of Towards Maturity to help

make video learning stick.

Martin Baker is the Chief Executive of Clear

Lessons, an affordable video learning library

and platform. Proceeds support the Clear

Lessons Foundation (previously known as

GivebackUK) providing free learning

resources for all UK charities, their staff and

volunteers. Find out more at stand L8 at the

free exhibition at Learning Technologies.


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