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International business growth calls for strong

language capacity

Armin Hopp is Founder and President

at Speexx.

Language skills are vital to achieve

organisational goals and drive the flexibility

and responsiveness that underpin success.

Here's how to make sure that your

communication skills learning delivery is

aligned with corporate goals.

Traditional management hierarchies and

fixed places of work are being replaced by

increasingly fluid corporate structures. A

growing number of organisations operate

by creating virtual teams on a project-byproject basis, comprising employees with the

necessary skills for each project. These teams

may be based anywhere in the world, so

language and communication skills are

increasingly vital.

Effective communication skills are at the heart

of successful multinational operations. During

day-to-day operations, a breakdown in

communications with customers leads to

misunderstandings and lost sales.

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Organisational priorities for 2018: digitalisation,

compliance and the changing workforce

Christian Foerg is General Manager

EMEA, at Saba Software.

Almost 70 percent of employees would take

an employment offer outside the organisation

if it came along1. And this is largely because

they feel they are not getting the opportunity

to develop their career in their current

workplace. Learning and development

professionals face a number of challenges,

but employee engagement and retention

must be key outcomes when setting priorities

for 2018. Three key issues will top the agenda

in the coming year: digitalisation, compliance

and the changing workforce.


A majority (83 percent) of HR leaders and 67

percent of employees agree that modern

technology tools are very important to

effective communication and collaboration in

the workplace, according to the Saba '2017

State of Employee Engagement Report'1.


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