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Global benchmark

reveals emerging

technology on the rise

The Towards Maturity Benchmark™ gives

L&D leaders the opportunity to review their

strategy, compare with top performers and

identify the tactics they need to unlock

their organisation's potential.

With more organisations than ever before

participating in the Towards Maturity

Benchmark, the company yesterday

announced they will extend the free

benchmarking period by two weeks.

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LEO launches blended

learning thought

leadership piece

LEO's new blended learning ebook

covers the seven main benefits of blends,

supported by several client stories, case

studies and research.

Global end-to-end learning solutions provider

LEO has launched a new blended learning

ebook highlighting the big benefits of blends.

Entitled 'Why blended learning works (and can

work for you!)', the ebook is authored by LEO's

Director of Learning, Imogen Casebourne.

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Kallidus acquires

Advorto to support

growth strategy

Kallidus, a leading provider of learning

and talent management solutions,

announced that it has acquired

recruitment software provider Advorto.

The move creates a best-in-class provider of a

complete SaaS end-to-end solution for

learning, performance, 360, recruitment and

talent management dedicated to helping

organisations manage the entire employee

development life cycle more effectively.

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Totara Learn users

get access to 150,000

e-learning courses

with GO1 partnership

Totara Learning has partnered with

e-learning marketplace platform GO1,

creating a single, comprehensive training

solution for organisations worldwide.

As part of this partnership, GO1's content

marketplace will be accessible via Totara's

open source LMS, Totara Learn, which is

currently used by over 1,400 organisations.


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