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Susan Dumas

Senior Learning Consultant


The surprising leap - LMS

to Learning Experience


One of the biggest challenges for

organisations is how to close skills gaps now

while making sure that staff have the right skills

for the future. This article looks at a new option

- the Learning Experience Platform (LXP).

The LXP is what the LMS should have been.

According to the industry analyst Josh Bersin,

the LXP represents the new world of corporate

learning. Think about how Netflix disrupted

movie distribution and impacted viewing

habits, and you'll understand the potential.

Combining a learning platform with easy to

consume, engaging and high-impact digital

content, the LXP has no barriers to access.

Barrier-free access to learning

An LXP's content is designed to be

experienced just like any digital content found

on the Web, and to be as intuitive and easy to

consume as the apps we use at home. It is a

new way of thinking rather than a new LMS.

No more being 'forced' to learn in just one way

or waiting to be assigned content by a


It's unlike the traditional LMS in other ways too.

Acquiring an LMS was a lengthy and complex

process. You bought one (an expensive

purchase), then added your content (at

additional cost).

Typically, organisations over-bought their LMS,

paying for features that were never used. Not

so with the LXP, as we shall see. LXPs

combine high impact, easy to consume digital

learning content with an insightful analytics


We want more from workplace


We know from research that staff are happy to

leave behind expert-led formal courses and

they want to share their knowledge with

colleagues. If we want our staff to embrace the

future, then we have to make this journey

alongside them and provide better tools. This

is how people prefer to learn in the workplace:

37% training, 79% web resources and 87%

knowledge sharing.

The evolution of technology for

workplace learning

Learning technology has evolved quite

dramatically over the past decade. Most

medium-to-large organisations have

traditionally used LMSs, but many report being

unhappy with them.



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