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5 essential e-learning

strategies to jump the


Corporate learning has been following the

'Industrial Model of Education' as Sir Ken

Robinson terms it, since ages. This model

follows the assembly-line linearity of

packaging and delivering.

You package the learning and deliver it to the

learners, they consume the package, you

then label them with a suitable qualification.

This model is based on qualification criteria

and does not care much about the

performance of the learner.

When online learning technologies arrived,

they provided the online capabilities to

implement exactly the same model.

Collectively these learning technologies

brought in e-learning.

At its onset, e-learning provided a costeffective alternative to classroom training

using LMSs and content authoring tools. It

allowed organisations to cross geographical

barriers, deliver learning content and track the

progress of learners.

Eventually, organisations were able to follow

the academic notion of 'qualification'. Thus,

like a semester or annual exam in schools or

universities, completion of an e-learning

course concluding with assessment(s)

became the indicator of successful

knowledge transfer.

Evolution and disruption

The results were stored and certificates

awarded, deeming the learners capable of

doing their jobs. Over time, these learning

technologies evolved. They automated,

digitised and scaled several manual tasks.

However, the evolution path was still leading

to the same industrial model of education:

package, deliver and measure.

Today, technological disruption has led to

unprecedented volatility in the market.

Organisations are expected to have the

business agility wherein decisions and

sometimes even directions can shift

overnight. Information is exploding and the

half-life of knowledge is shrinking. In the case

of technical knowledge, the shelf life is

reduced to just a couple of years.



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