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Matthew Mella

Senior Lead Learning Designer

Kineo, a City & Guilds Group


Helping people achieve

their career goals

So, you've decided to change your career. In

the modern workplace, it's a decision most of

us make at some point. Where do you start

and what skills do you need? What steps

should you take to get to your dream job? It

seems easy to look at someone already in the

role and break down what they do, but

understanding how they got there is much


This is a journey that can be obstructed by

dead-ends and plateaus causing many to

abandon their goals. Drawing a map isn't the

issue. The challenge is in understanding how

to transition from one place to the next without

hitting obstacles or getting lost.

With big goals like moving home or planning a

family, it's natural to break these into a series of

steps. Crucial to achieving career goals

however, is knowing in what order things need

to be done - which steps are dependent on the

previous steps? Following a route will tell us

how much progress we are making.


Our goals and ideas evolve over time and so

must the steps we must take to achieve them.

A house-building project may never be

'finished' and certainly we know that parenting

is a never-ending task.

Therefore, it is especially critical to route plan

the activities or changes, even if you aren't sure

what will make them 'complete', or if they will

ever finish.

This is exactly the attitude we need to adopt for

learning. There's always something more to

learn and you'll never know it all. Still, progress

is essential, even without a defined beginning,

middle and end. Plotting a journey for your

learners will achieve positive change in

awareness, skills and behaviours.

It's a simple, established concept in learning

but one that's easily forgotten once the focus

shifts to content-gathering: keep your eyes on

the road.

Comedian George Carlin's famous routine

about people's fondness of collecting stuff, tells

of our insatiable appetite and absurd feeling of

comfort when we have 'a place to keep our




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