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Marketing Director

Safety Media

It's okay not to be okay

Finally, it seems that the taboos around

talking about mental health are being broken.

Everyone from the Duke and Duchess of

Cambridge, to Lady Gaga and the Love

Island contestants, are doing their bit to raise

awareness and acceptance of mental health


There has been a taboo in society about

talking about mental wellness. It's a though

the wellbeing of the mind is something

shameful whereas an injury to a leg is

acceptable. We don't shy away from talking

about flu or the common cold, offering a

tissue or hot drink where one is required, so

why do we shrink from talking about stress,

anxiety and insecurities?

It is likely that the majority of people upon

hearing about someone suffering from mental

health issues, would be happy to provide an

ear or a shoulder when needed. Why are we

still not reaching out for the help?

Mental health awareness anxiety

Now doesn't that seem like an ironic

sentence? Anxiety and stress caused by the

thought of letting people know you are

experiencing… anxiety and stress. But it's a

real threat to vulnerable people. Imagine if

you broke your leg and every time someone

found out about your broken leg, your pain


You would be desperate to avoid people

finding out, wouldn't you? This can be how it

feels. The idea of being talked about or

looked at differently can make exposure

seem unbearable. But why should this be the

case? Being stressed about being stressed is

a very real, very debilitating condition. Actress,

comedienne and mental health campaigner,

Ruby Wax for example, felt completely


By taking steps to break the stigma and

having more people stand up and talk openly

about their mental health, then maybe this is

one anxiety that we, as a society, can help




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