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Senior Director Europe

Rosetta Stone

Uncover language

training's ROI

Global enterprises, international and national

firms, and local businesses have this in

common - each works to improve return on

investment while maintaining an engaged,

qualified workforce. While certain yardsticks

are common to most businesses, ROI related

to soft skills training often is business


From the break room to the board room, every

language cue missed or miscommunication

made has the potential to create a negative

business impression. As the number of

languages spoken by employees, customers,

and partners increases, companies soon ask

two questions. Is it time to provide language

training? If so, how do we measure its ROI?

In 2018 LinkedIn surveyed 2,000 business

leaders to find out what soft skills were in

highest demand. Two of the top four are

communication and collaboration. For

companies with a multilingual workforce and/

or customer base, language training

contributes heavily toward meeting this


Best-in-class companies:

• Recognise that language training benefits

employees and the business

• Align training with their business strategy

• Measure how training drives job

performance and business results

• Update training programmes to take

advantage of efficient technologies

Yes, it is possible to attribute actual business

results to language training and track its value

as a formal employee learning programme.

Uncoordinated language training

- the risks

Here is an example of the risks presented by a

disconnected language training process. A

large multinational telecom company based in

Europe has thousands of learners in various

markets. It was discovered that employees

were using different language training

solutions. Each one was purchased by a

different entity, for many languages and

learning methods including private tutoring,

online learning, and in-person classes.

After revamping its approach and moving

learners to a single online language training

platform, the company achieved savings of

over $3 million while providing language skills

in eight different languages.



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