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Phily Hayes

Outbound Sales Manager


5 things to consider when

choosing an LMS

There are countless learning management

systems available globally and the task of

selecting one can seem like an overwhelming

challenge. Ultimately, you should aim to find

an LMS that helps you efficiently deliver

corporate learning and enables you to scale

your training efforts, while ensuring you have

the support you need to achieve your learning


But with so many options to consider, where

do you start? Having overseen thousands of

LMS implementations we've seen what works

for businesses just like yours. Using this

valuable experience, we have compiled the

key considerations that are easily overlooked

when evaluating LMS options.

Avoid unwanted features

Many vendors focus on promoting features.

However, it's pointless to choose a system

loaded with features that you simply don't

need and won't use.

Consequently, they may be a waste of money,

depending on the pricing model of your LMS.

Unwanted features negatively impact user

experience. Not only are overly-complicated

systems difficult to use, they also confuse

people and distract them from key learning


The more complex the functionality, the longer

it takes to educate your learners on the

platform. Unwanted features can force you to

invest in additional training to minimise difficulty

and discomfort, costing you valuable time and

resources. On the surface, a feature-rich

system may seem attractive. Ultimately, an

LMS jam-packed with features you don't need

may only serve to waste money and confuse


Can you integrate?

LMS integrations are important. Connecting

your most-used applications, or the ones you

intend to use, will achieve the most value and

efficiency out of your LMS. Also, working with

systems your users already know increases

their engagement and allows you to customise

your LMS to suit their needs.



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