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7 ways to maximise your

learning content in 2019

Stuck in inflexible pages, much of today's

learning content investment remains trapped

in traditional formal vehicles like e-learning

courses and PowerPoint presentations.

Considering the time and effort that goes into

creating it, the content is often poorly


This can result in future headaches as you try

to scale existing training programmes. But it

doesn't have to be this way. Consider these

seven approaches to maximise your content


1 - Get your head in the cloud

Many organisations are still hesitant about

moving content and software into the cloud.

But there are huge advantages and most

security concerns are overcome by hybrid or

private cloud configurations. Also, the cloud is

generally platform agnostic and IT-friendly.

You don't have to worry about installing

Windows on your Mac and your IT team will

love not having to manage desktop licenses.

Some organisations may still even have

individual developers, freelancers or teams

that have content locked away on servers or

on their own hard drives. Content that sits in

desktop folders and shared drives rely on

people to follow proper processes to ensure

it is up-to-date, accessible and secure.

It also means you may not be protecting

company assets and retaining knowledge.

Managing content centrally will pay dividends

down the road when dozens or even

thousands of changes are required.

Something as simple as a logo update that

should take minutes could potentially take

days without a central cloud-based authoring


Organisations have much more flexibility and

greater control when authors store all

learning assets to a central cloud-based

location, where content can be shared,

reused and repurposed for maximum

efficiency. Share:


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