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Laura Faucher

Audiences & Lead Generation


Is the Learning Organisation

model your answer to

millennials' engagement


Spoiler alert: yes.

Ok, we've got it: you want engagement. On

paper, employee engagement means less

turnover, reduced costs and a healthier, more

productive company. In real life, it means

happy people to work with, more recognition

from your peers and managers, and a nice

upgrade on your pay check every year.

Everything you could hope for as a business


Which is probably why 91% of business

leaders believe an engagement strategy

would positively impact their business. So,

what? Call it a wrap? Not really. Only 25% of

these same business leaders actually have an

employee engagement plan in place.

Why the gap? Because it's a tough job. And

most of the time, you're not even sure where

to start. Blame it on the dramatic changes to

our working environment (and here, allow me

to skip the usual blurb on digitisation and

always-faster business cycles). But blame it,

most of all, on the biggest change of all: the

workforce takeover by Generation Y.

'I have nothing against millennials'

Can you think of a more misunderstood

generation than the millennials? They're

accused of everything from being lazy and

directionless with an overdeveloped sense of

entitlement, to killing off vacations (foregoing

time off) and the music industry. I won't ask

what YOU blame them for. I'll just remind you

that, like it or not, THEY are the future. By

2025, they'll represent nothing less than 75%

of the global workforce. That's only six years,

so as a company, you'd better start doing

your homework now.

What makes millennials so different from

baby-boomers work-wise? It's not only a

need for more autonomy, transparency and

flexibility. It's also a keener desire to learn:

41% say they would change jobs in order to

have professional development programmes,

versus only 23% of baby boomers. We're not

talking about a small gap here - so the

message is clear. Your corporate training

strategy will play a part in how engaged your

millennial employees are. Which means that

you will too. Let's take it one step further.



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