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Katrin Pfirrmann

Online Marketing Manager B2B

simpleshow GmbH

Boost efficiency and

sustainability through new

digital learning approaches

Digital media are playing an increasingly

important role in our everyday lives. So, it is

time for us to also use them in our working

environment, effectively and sustainably.

Here, we explain new learning approaches

and show how they can be used in corporate


An opportunity

Newly evolving digital learning approaches

and techniques are not limited to schools or

academy learning. They are also a huge

opportunity for companies. By building on the

media skills of young employees, corporate

learning can be taken to new heights. But

millennials are no longer the only generation

calling for digital learning as a new standard

of corporate learning. This is why learning

techniques in the working world should be

adapted to the new requirements of

employees and their media perception. This

results in major benefits such as higher

flexibility and individualization.

SMAC - The future of corporate


Modern in-company trainings and further

education of employees heavily rely on the

integration of digital trends. Social media and

mobile technology combined with efficient

analytics on cloud-based systems - that is

SMAC - an acronym to keep in mind. The

advantages are obvious. Learning is

omnipresent, easy to access and can be

updated quickly, and its success is

transparent. A win-win situation for both

learners and trainers. The effectiveness of

corporate learning is thus pushed forward by

digital learning.

Digital learning facilitates

individual learning and saves


Every employee is different and this is a good

thing. Digital learning techniques are

designed to address different employee

needs and allow everyone to learn at their

own pace.


Susanne Ilemann

Head of International Marketing

simpleshow Luxembourg


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