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David Hayden

L&D Consultant


Intuitive Technology. What

does it mean?

In explaining the reason for the question in the

title, let me go back a step. I am currently

studying a Masters looking at a range of

technology-focused solutions in online and

distance learning. This qualification is aimed

mainly at anyone working in primary,

secondary and tertiary education. However,

the marketing material discusses the

suitability for those involved in organisational

learning too, so that includes me!

I am half-way through the two-year

programme and as you would expect, I am

learning a lot - having some of my existing

knowledge and skills confirmed, being

pushed out of my comfort zone, submitting

assignments, having doubts around those

and best of all, collaborating with fellow


One of my assignments written in 2018

included a discussion about 'intuitive

technology.' In the research for this I came

across a great blog by Dave White, Head of

Digital Learning at University of the Arts,

London. He is strongly against intuitive

technology, arguing that technology should

challenge. He made comparisons to the

creative world and some of the complex

technology used there.

Reading this made me view this whole debate

through a few different lenses:

• Who decides if the technology is intuitive?

• To what degree do L&D practitioners,

when designing, allow time for learning

about the technology as well as the

content delivered by that technology?

• Is this another example of L&D 'spoonfeeding' its audience rather than promoting

self-directed learning?

I don't profess to have answers but I do like

the fact that they are being asked and the

debate they cause. I often hear the phrase, 'It

should be more like Facebook, people know

how to use Facebook'. This is such a

throwaway comment, yet I also hear it from

people who talk about evidence-based

practice - oh the irony!

I joined Facebook in October 2018 after

realising I was missing out on lots of great

information from a running club I had joined

earlier in the year. It is a closed group and the

club uses it to advertise meets and

championship results, for shout outs to

celebrate success, to welcome new joiners,

and to support fellow members. I use Twitter

a fair amount and, in my head, and I thought

Facebook would be similar. WRONG!



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