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Safeguard employees'

mental health and reap the


Mental health is increasingly recognised as

being as important as physical health. There

are many ways in which we can all do better in

terms of helping our friends, family and

colleagues with their mental wellbeing. In this

article, we'll look at how employers and

managers can help employees.

Time off work is one of the biggest knock-on

effects of poor mental health, with stress in

particular, costing thousands of hours of

productivity to the UK workforce every year.

There's also the general productivity and

workplace harmony problems that can arise

when employees have poor mental health. It's

in everyone's best interests to ensure that

employers are genuine about placing

employees' wellbeing at the top of the list of

business priorities.

Be proactive

Mental health issues are created and impacted

by a person's work and organisations should

take steps to ensure that the job or the

workplace doesn't compound the situation. If

you can create a great company culture and

give your employees every chance of working

with good mental health, you'll find that

problems don't crop up as frequently, and

you'll reap all the benefits of a happy, healthy


Free resources

There are a variety of free resources available,

designed to help develop and promote strong

mental wellbeing, which you are welcome to

download and share. For example, you could

encourage staff to use an activity tracker to

help plan their day.

Work-life balance

Achieving a good balance between home and

work is one of the main factors that affects our

happiness. As an employer you have a great

degree of control over this. It can be tempting

to squeeze all the time that you possibly can

out of your employees, but this isn't effective in

the long run. Many large companies around

the world have realised this, which is why there

are strict limits on contacting employees

outside of work, or allowing workers to take

work home.

This isn't to say that your people can't finish

bits off at home, or pick up emails outside

office hours, but encourage everyone to be

practical about it.



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