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Ana Gebejes

Senior Learning Consultant


Invite AI to join your L&D


Does the prospect of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

being part of your learning and development

processes concern you? Perhaps you worry

that AI could take over all of the team tasks?

Or worse yet, eliminate the human touch


Relax. AI isn't a threat to L&D. In fact,

components of AI have been around us for at

least the last two decades. It's here to stay

and must be embraced as a useful tool in the

design of effective learning. I challenge you to

invite AI to join your L&D team.

How can AI help to build a better

learning experience?

Since the digitisation of learning, the role of

L&D professionals has shifted in response to

the way people prefer to learn. No longer do

adults spend hours searching through library

books; instead, they find the information on

the Internet. As L&D practitioners, our job is to

support this new way of learning by

encouraging and enabling self-driven learning


AI is helpful in that it can predict a learner's

next move by the actions he or she has

already taken. It's not some mystery. This

information is built around data points.

Additional learning content identified by

previous data can be served up based on the

learner's indicated interests, job role or on

what the person's colleagues have studied.

What this means for your L&D team is that

you must design content that complements

and supports self-directed learning, but at the

same time, include relevant content

syndicated from other online sources. This

makes courses more interesting and therefore

more effective.

Content curation is finally


Your L&D team can also utilise data when

designing new courseware. While staying

within certain parameters to meet

organisational goals, you can link additional

learning opportunities to core lessons.

Developers should view AI as not only

assisting, but also as a 'colleague' who

handles routine. AI can be used to research,

curate and tag content within the learning

platform. While this won't replace the services

of a subject matter expert or internal reviews

conducted by the L&D team, it can reveal

more layers of learning that are required.



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