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Annemarie Noldus

Copywriter and English Translator


It's not about the size. It's

about the flavour

"Imagine you open the fridge to pour yourself

a refreshing glass of milk, only to find that the

carton in the door is empty. Let's not get into

who on earth would put an empty milk carton

back in the fridge. The fact is, you're out of

milk. You rush to the shop, but by the time you

get to the cash desk, there's much more in

your basket than just that pint of semiskimmed. Among other things, you picked up

some flatbread, apples and a jar of pickles.

Don't worry, it's common behaviour. And it's

pretty close to how a solid online learning

environment works, too. When employees visit

an online course library to start working on a

refresher course on Excel, for example, there's

a good chance a course on mindfulness,

Scrum, or optimism catches their eye. It's

tempting to browse one or two other training

courses while you're there.

Still, your employees won't find any online

training courses if they're neither informed of

the opportunity nor encouraged to have a

look. It all starts with awareness, because only

when people are aware can they feel

intrinsically motivated for something. As far as

awareness is concerned, I strongly believe in

company coaching.

Coaches rock!

Company coaches are indispensable for

organisations. It can be hard to get everyone

on board with online learning these days, as

distraction lurks everywhere. A coach is your

rock. With personal attention and guidance,

they can help you with the implementation of

online workplace learning, put training courses

in the right context, and share their vast

experience with you, so learning becomes

relevant within your organisation once again.

People tend to say that having a standard

online course library is 'so easy', because it

offers the same online courses to everyone.

And although the product may be the same for

everyone, organisations can use it in a

multitude of ways. In need of a company-wide

kick-off? A personal development plan for your

team members? Care to put a specific course

in the spotlight? Company coaches have the

best implementation examples and best

practices to share.

Getting back to the supposed simplicity of the

online product we offer: yes, it's more or less

the same for everyone, although we've

introduced numerous changes since our

inception in 2011. Having said that, trends in

workplace learning fascinate me endlessly -

especially those that people follow without

taking a moment to stop and think.



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